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 Eureka flag over Sydney Harbour
escape root all that whirled's a stage forensic evidence
recommended for mauve audiences did I leave the irony on? market fluctuations
the brief mystery of time a complete waste of time and money most… [pecious ally] code for like R mutt
Noel Coward Like R. Mutt Go Pies!

Welcome to

Peter Fyfe is a Sydney-based writer, performer, bricoleur and heresiarch…

images of tshirts I have designed

please visit my squalid little merch shop on
for stuff you don't need that may spark a very good imitation
of something not entirely unlike joy


really must get around to thinking about another draft
of my new play [title under embargo]!

click for some photos
of my dramaturg working on its development.

here's me on Mastodon

This page was last updated on 11 October, 2023.

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