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[market] fluctations


demonetised hyperinflation banknotes (ZWR $6,250,000,000,000) and acrylic medium on paper

76cm x 56cm

count denomination value (ZWR) Pick click for image…
625 10 billion $6,250,000,000,000 P85 banknote
625 $6,250,000,000,000    

bulletRead: Wikipedia's article on Banknotes of Zimbabwe

atvp flyer

Finalist, 2012 Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize, September 2012

The noughts and ones are exhausted from the arduous business of representing worthless value.
They want to play, to do something important, to reveal something beautiful.
So I let them.
And once again I find the manumission of the ubiquitous becomes an act of self discovery [fully sic].
Who knew?
Warning: may contain irony.

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