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art — hyperinflation banknotes…

spacerIf you can't make money out of art, make art out of money.


bulletWorks from my mystic obsession with hyperinflation banknotes (by year of completion)…

      one hundred trillion dollars  
  forensic evidence forensic evidence    
  escape root escape root    
  [the] cogito ego sum Did I leave the irony on?    
  [the] cogito ego sum [the] cogito ego sum    
  all the whirled's a stage all that whirled's a stage (a personal mandollar) blake prize  
  [markt] fluctuations [market] fluctuations atvp flyer  
a complete waste of time and money a complete waste of time and money atvp flyer
noughty boy noughty boy atvp flyer  
[group show] [solo show]

one dollar one hundred trillion dollars

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