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[the] cogito ego sum

[the] cogito ego sum


demonetised hyperinflation banknotes (ZWN $36,125,000,000,000), a feather, and acrylic medium on paper

3 panels each 76cm x 56cm

count denomination value (ZWN) Pick click for image…
255 100 billion  $25,500,000,000,000 P64 banknote
141 50 billion  $7,050,000,000,000 P63 banknote
143 25 billion $3,575,000,000,000 P62 banknote

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I was trying to answer the question, "Who am I?"

What I think?
An "I" that blinds?
Some historical perspective of all that's touched me?

Or perhaps some deeper music…
sung through the sum of these somethings and someones and somewheres…
anonymously perceived with a chuckle from another plane?

may contain irony

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