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Et cetera — assorted diversions, distractions, and miscellanea…

bulletRead the inspiring 9 by 5 manifesto (1889)

bulletTake in Noël Coward's warning to pioneers (1961)

bulletEnjoy a quote from Paracelcus (15xx)

bulletAdmire the Eureka flag flying over the Sydney Harbour Bridge (2004)

bulletRecoil at my appalling Letters to the Editor habit.

bulletRevel in my canditure for Column 8 PhD.

If you love PDFs, some content for you to download, print, post, and savour:

narnia is not accessible

Maintain mythical heath and safety with this OH&S poster for your wardrobe

footy final drafts

Improve file versioning:
use my footy finals draft classification scheme

Oscar Wilde synergies Maximise synergies to leverage customer delight with help from Oscar Wilde

hedge the delta

Follow this mantra from a merchant bank accounting manual: it's surprisingly apt


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