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forensic evidence

forensic evidence

demonetised hyperinflation banknotes (ZWN $56,955,000,000,000), and acrylic medium on paper

76cm x 56cm x 3cm

count denomination value (ZWN) Pick click for image…
527 100 billion  $52,700,000,000,000 P64 banknote
57 50 billion  $2,650,000,000,000 P63 banknote
56 25 billion  $1,400,000,000,000 P62 banknote
41 5 billion  $205,000,000,000 P61 banknote
677  $56,955,000,000,000    

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a crime was committed

grievous bodily harm
effecting dispossession and disenchantment
resulting in a life sentence of disconnected existence

the paradox is the victim remains unaware of what they'd perpetrated...
until an alchemical process of re-awakening and re-enchantment begins

slow stretching
softening the tightly held
uncovering evidence lying deep in the sinews revealing [some of] what was lost
and that it can be recovered

solve et coagula
months and years
iteration by iteration
play, joy, darkness, beauty, intensity, fear, love
through this work the birth-right of aliveness is re-discovered


this bricolage is an artefact of [part of] that physical and alchemical process and was, at times, also its agent

forensic evidence, if you will, of [some of] the intangible encounters on the way with hints of so much still to discover

thoughts, memories, songs, old stories, grand narratives
concepts of uniqueness, notions of identity, false leads, mis-inventions, pyrites instabilities, hyperinflations, shifts in value
yieldings, imaginings, re-tellings

simple truths, felt experiences, traces of gold...
and the realisation our evidence is not their evidence.

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