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Mythically summoned by their chance meeting, Romeo and Juliet attempt to wake two star-crossed IT executives from the stupor of their unexamined lives only to discover they'll kill to protect the status quo… but funny.

Genre deep satire
Length 70 minutes (approx) including at least one dramatic pause of excessive length
Cast 2 + 2 + an ensemble of minimum 4
Audience Grownups, middle managers, thespians, enquiring types, lovers of whimsy and caprice

Script Legitimate theatre companies are welcome to contact me for a complimentary assessment copy.
Illegitimate theatre companies should leave a small fee discretely on the nightstand.

apt quotes

"When we fall in love we begin to imagine; and when we begin to imagine we fall in love"
James Hillman, The Thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World

"I see such symbols because they are there. If another person doesn’t see them,
it doesn't mean they don't exist but simply that he [sic] can't see them."
Mircea Eliade, Journal, November 24, 1945

Tag "maximising synergies to leverage stakeholder delight going forward"    

the play with
and muse
Emma the cat…

Emma ponders where to begin…

Emma helps with play development

Emma imagines a cast of characters…

Emma helps with play development

Emma struggles with a tricky scene…

Emma helps with play development

Emma offers an opinion on the character arcs…

Emma helps with play development

Emma contemplates redrafting the denoument…

Emma helps with play development

Emma wrestles an IT issue…

Emma helps with play development

Emma supervises the printing of the first copy…

Emma helps with play development

Emma carefully proofreads the "fair draft"…

Emma conemplates my play

Emma responds to some feedback…

Emma conemplates my play

Emma: dramaturg and muse for hire at reasonable rates…



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