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art > looking at seeing through (2008)

image of art work

looking at seeing through


a broken glass, a key, brass wire, a sea shell, acrylic + mediums on canvas

51cm x 51cm x 9cm

atvp flyer

First exhibited as part of "More than meets the eye", At The Vanishing Point, April 2008

My first work ever to be exhibited in a proper gallery in public!

It started as a broken glass I couldn’t throw away. 

It spent a while trying to be about the idea of wholeness and fragmentation, only to emerge as something about how I see ideas, about how easy it is to see and gild their edges, about how challenging it is to let go of that gilt and its opaque tangibility, and about how we can, with a little grace, see though ideas and allow them to change our perspective of the world.  

And, all the while, it can still be viewed as a broken glass I couldn’t throw away.

image of art work

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