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Stage > The Von Trapp Heresy (2007…) — a cabaret/musical

Von Trapp Heresy

A wayward vicar finds succour in their hour of need...
not from the usual sources open to one "of the cloth", but from the curtain clad company of The Sound of Music.

Join "The Reverend" in exploring the possiblity that everyone's singalong favourite is the great untapped gospel of personal transformation sought by the truthseekers of the new age.

Thrill to the melodies of the songs missing from the film, such as The Pine Cone (from Maria's first dinner with the Von Trapps), Hiding in the Crypt, and the inspirational Find Your Inner Maria.

Laugh until you stop as The Von Trapp Heresy puts the fun back into fundamentalism, questions the symbols of religious dogma, and subverts the quick-fix rhetoric of self-help psychology.

Find your inner Maria,
Teach the children to sing,
Dress yourself in curtains
Love your favourite thing!

The ten minute try-out version premiered at NIDA's Parade Playhouse on February 6, 2007
as part of the 2007 Short and Sweet and Song festival.

Book, music, and lyrics by Peter Fyfe; Musical arrangments and dramatugy by Andrew Davidson.

It starred the divine Natalie Gamsu as the wayward vicar
with Bev Kennedy on piano.

Directed by Andrew Davidson

Designed by Arnavaz Lindsay
Lighting Designed by Matt Tuncho.

The full length version is currently hiding in a crypt trying to escape to Switzerland… or the stage. Hey, Mr Producer?

signed photograph of charmian carr

Charmian Carr (1942-2016)


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