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art > 2010 > welcome to art country: please don't touch

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welcome to art country: please don't touch


muslin, barbed  wire, sand, a little chicken, acrylic + mediums on canvas

51cm x 41cm x 20cm approx

atvp flyer

First exhibited as part of "intervention intervention", At The Vanishing Point, January 2011, with partner piece welcome to art country: one small step for [a] man.

For me, the political starts with the personal, and the personal starts with imagination, which I call "art country".

My experience of working with imagination is that its response always reflects the manner of my engagement with it, and not always to my liking:  the grasping hand determined to exploit or control draws to it the dry, dark, and seemingly barren whereas the bare foot seeking to explore and discover finds itself walking on a beauty rich and rare.

From this experience I respectfully suggest that until we've learned to walk our own art country (as I call imagination) we cannot know ourselves, and until we know ourselves I personally don't understand how we could presume to know anyone else, much less intervene.

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