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art > 2009 > heart song: going cheap

heart song going cheap

heart song: going cheap


combine shares, rusty iron, barbed wire, little chickens, muslin, feathers, balsa, acrylic + mediums on canvas

101cm x 76cm x 10cm

atvp flyer

First exhibited as part of "Reality Cheque", At The Vanishing Point, June 2009

Agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, a century of technology-led revolutions:
when does the heart get a turn? 
Not that it needs a revolution…
But we do, so busy feathering our nests and ignoring its ineffably beautiful song,
going cheep, cheap.… to any who’ll ask why they cross the road...  or how.

heart song going cheap


chicken sitting on barbed wire (detail)

chicken sitting on barbed wire (detail)

chicken sitting on barbed wire (detail)

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