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art > the purpose of a mythology in a journey across infinity (2008)

image of art work

the purpose of a mythology in a journey across infinity


pencil on paper, balsa, sand, keys, beach combings, acrylic + mediums on canvas

153cm x 51cm x 10cm

Any attempt to imagine infinity is bound by the limits of the mythology (thought system?) from which the attempt arises. 
The character of our mythologies and our awareness of them may determine and even confine the kind of journeys we think possible, but without a mythology of some kind, are any journeys possible at all?

image of art work

atvp flyer

First exhibited as part of "Rockin' the Boat", At The Vanishing Point, January 2010

Aren't we all refugees, desperate to seek asylum from the tyranny of intellection but ironically too terrified to jump aboard the flimsy boat that can carry us across a stretch of infinity to the imagination that is our freedom, all because we choose not to remember the mythologies that make such journeys possible by protecting us from the incomprehensible vastness that lurks beyond the horizon of our so-called finite?  Little wonder we get a tad irrational about people arriving in boats.

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