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art > 2006 > mind is the gap

art image of "mind is the gap"

mind is the gap


texta on enamel sign

10cm x 13cm x 0.3cm

atvp flyer

Exhibited on a plinth as part of "Emergency Display", At The Vanishing Point, May 2010, with partner piece return tickets.

It is the moral duty of those that still have access to imagination to persevere in their attempts to subvert the signifiers of the dominant paradigm and recalibrate the emphasis from the litigious risk aversion of the status quo to active engagement with the wondrous dangers fundamental to exploration of that which lies beyond the safe confines of intellection. 

That such a subversion can be achieved by the simple semi-permanent insertion of a copulative (effectively subjugating the imperative and its implied hegemony) demonstrates the paradoxical fragility of the rational and its otiose meta narratives and asserts the largely untapped potential of the manumission of the ubiquitous as a force for inspiring imaginal revolution and unleashing caprice and its attendant jouissance.

Warning: this statement may contain irony.

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