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A few delicious morsels from the pen of Ken…

(yes, Ken still writes with a pen)

On Glamourflage™… the Fashion Label

Glamourflage™ is Ken E's exciting new fashion concept and a new cosmos for the discerning patrons of  fashion's most exclusive label. 

The secret behind the Glamourflage™ success story is the way it allows wearers to conceal who they really are, the ultimate aim or any serious couture. 

"People spend millions of dollars trying to change who they are: with Glamourflage™ they don't have to" says Ken.  Hestia, the glamourpuss, enjoys reading and is especially fond of the Victorian three-volume novel.

Glamourflage™ reveals the maturing genius of Australian fashion wunderkind and enfant terrible Ken E, and is an opportunity for him to rebuild the fashion empire prematurely demolished by an industry not prepared for his rare talent and his uncompromisingly glamorous aesthetic.

Glamourflage™ is also the name of Ken E's first one man show, coming soon to some dismal hole of a cabaret venue near you. To find out more, click on  glamourflage.

On Oscar Wilde…

One can understand why some may call Ken the Oscar Wilde of his generation.  The similarities are numerous beyond counting, except, of course, for the getting gaoled for sodomising rent boys and the occasional aristocrat.  Ken never uses rent boys, although many of them use him, as do far too many members of the occasional aristocracy.  Also, unlike Oscar, Ken has never felt the urge to marry and have children.  Actually, when you look at it, he's not much like Oscar Wilde at all.  He's certainly thinner. 

On Sentence Length…

In contrast to Mr Wilde's famous rejoinder, Ken has never believed that brevity is the soul of anything, let alone wit, and considers it his personal mission to reintroduce the lost art of constructing very long sentences, a trend considered anathema to the web'n'text-generation that in addition to avoiding vowels in spoken or written English with a passion that borders on the incomprehensible appears to disapprove of wearing anything that might be considered even remotely flattering or holding a thought longer than a ring tone, into our society.

"Sentences are like penises:  the longer the better."

Last Updated 23rd June 2003