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Hestia, the glamourpuss, once worked with Gus, of whom T S Eliot was so fondA brief history of Ken's amazing show-business career…

Anticipated Pleasures

Will Glamourflage™ return?

Rumours abound that Ken is contemplating a return season of his one-man show, Glamourflage™

He'll let you know.


The Official Log of Past Glories

World Premiere of Glamourflage™ at Side-On Cafe

Star-date: 31st August 2003.  If you missed it, you're probably seriously contemplating taking your own life. Don't. But you did miss the cabaret that was cabaret.

Ken premiered a swathe of new songs and regaled an attentive audience with a complete lack of intimate details of his life, loves, and enduring struggle with reality, the establishment, and artificial fibres. Ken was joined by his friend, renegade Anglican the Reverend George Perrywinkle, who gave a cabaret sermon on the spiritual journey of personal transformations that is that most holy of stories, The Sound of Music.

People were moved and so was the furniture. Next time, cancel all engagements, book early, and be there, or people will talk about you behind your back.

Ken would like to thank his musical director Andrew Davidson for his enormous… contribution.

Ken at Muf-Tee at The Stables

Star-date: 26th and 27th July 2003.  Ken was able to find time in his busy schedule to perform a special Glamour Intervention Mission on "Les Solomon Island", more commonly known as "Muf-Tee", a delightful casual cabaret show hosted by the gorgeous Hayden Tee at Sydney's famous Stables Theatre. Another cabaret landmark was liberated by Ken's special brand of cabaret glamour.

Sydney, it seems, cannot get enough Ken, or enough Glamourflage!

Ken at The Basement

Star-date: 22nd June 2003.  Ken debuts a new song Can't do Cool, at this coolest of cool venues and slips in, for the first time, the debut performance of his anti-climactic encore Have we got time for a Quickie, which brought the house down. 

Ken at the 2003 Sydney Cabaret Convention

Star-date: 29th May 2003.  Ken's hilarious, audacious, rule-breaking appearance at the 2003 Sydney Cabaret Convention remains the topic of conversation amongst Sydney's cabaret set.

Whilst failing to impress the judges with his heart-felt renditions of soon-to-be immortal classics such as This isn't the Place, Good Men Straight, Last Season and Something Bad, Ken did impress everyone else.  He was the proud recipient of the unofficial wait-staff award for "the act that made our week bearable" and the backstage crew "Bourbon" award for further blurring the lines of acceptable behaviour at classy events.

Ken in "The Night of the Seamonkey" by Reg Kribb

Star-date: October 1999.  Ken was the warm up act (ably assisted by the muscular and heterosexual Alan Dukes) to Reg Kribb's immortal classic, "The Night of the Sea Monkey", directed by Shakespearean heavyweight Chris Stollery and produced by Pork Chop Productions, a company run by the ubiquitous Jeremy Sims (whom Ken advised "get your arse on television - you'll make a million";  Jeremy did get his arse on television, but Ken's promised million is still forthcoming).  This rare theatrical gem premiered at the Old Fitzroy Hotel, Woolloomooloo.  The reviews were unanimous.

Last Updated 22nd October 2003