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"a foul-mouthed singer and pianist with a subversive line in mordant humour  
certainly the highlight of the show"
Sun Herald

"fun with a capital F hilarious"
Sunday Telegraph

"you'll love his wickedly droll turn"
Drum Media

These reviews are from Ken's first cabaret appearance; Ken was the warm up act (ably assisted by the muscular and heterosexual Alan Dukes) to Reg Kribb's immortal classic, "The Night of the Sea Monkey", directed by Shakespearean heavyweight Chris Stollery and produced by Pork Chop Productions, a company run by the ubiquitous Jeremy Sims (whom Ken advised "get your arse on television - you'll make a million";  Jeremy did get his arse on television, but Ken's promised million is still forthcoming).

Hestia, the glamourpuss, has an intimate knowledge of her own true selfA show by Ken's special guest artist the Reverend George Perrywinkle (also written by Ken's collaborator Peter Fyfe) was described by Helen Musa of the Canberra Times as "artlessness, artfully contrived". You can't ask for much more than that in the theatre now, can you?

Last Updated 30th July 2003