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Ken takes a break!

Hestia, the glamourpuss, sits by the hearth that is the centre of the homeKen, overwhelmed by the recent premiere of his riveting, challenging and personally distressing one man show, Glamourflage™, is taking a much needed break, during which he will continue to explore how he and the United Nations Fashion Advisory Team (UNFAT) can bring a little glamour back into some of the world's more squalid trouble spots.

Last Updated 22nd October 2003


These pages have not been maintained since Mr E…™'s devastating withdrawal from the tawdry world of cabaret in 2003. As a result, there is a significant risk that any links to external websites contained herein will lead you nowhere, as is so common in the all too common world of the whirled wide web. However, Mr E…™ has insisted these historically significant pages remain available to the public, which he claims still desperately needs his unique vision to lift it and music theatre from the squalor in which it so often imerses itself.

"My soul-shattering work remains an oasis, a place so few dare journey to and from which still fewer dare drink, despite their patent and singular thirst," Mr E…™ was recently [sic] overheard to have said.