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Allow Ken to invade your privacy by joining his extremely discrete mailing list. If you send an email to the address below and ask politely, Ken will be happy to indulge your curiosity in his ongoing activities and affect an ongoing and seemingly intimate relationship with you.

Copy this address into your email program and don't give it to any evil spam meisters

Hestia, the glamourpuss, is a keen mouser.  She doesn't care for spam but always enjoys fresh fishKen is always interested to read emails from folk wanting to book his act, produce his show, offer him large sums of money, or to tell him how much they were moved, challenged, and permanently scarred by his work.

Ken E's Creative Team

Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, Ken cannot do it alone: he relies heavily on the hard work of this wonderful creative team.

Peter Fyfe is Ken E's dramaturge and collaborator.  He writes Ken's songs (music and lyrics) and much of Ken's more interesting material.

Andrew Davidson is Ken E's musical director.  This means he plays the piano for Ken, arranges the songs (thus transforming the musically illiterate ramblings produced by Mr Fyfe into the pearls of clarity for which Ken is famous), and generally ensures Ken avoids the musical excesses to which he is prone.

Last Updated 23rd June 2003. 
Ken E and Glamourflage are trademarks of Peter Fyfe. 
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