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Schrödinger's Hotel 

Distracted by the paparazzi before his honeymoon has even begun,
Australia's most famous Olympic hero arranges a secret rendezvous with the Hollywood star from next door
at Schrödinger's Hotel (the mythical place where public figures can enjoy some time unobserved by anyone but a few cats).
There he discovers his imagination can use even the depths of a thought experiment to lead him back to his true self.

Contains irony and references to Noël Coward, William Shakespeare,
the dual nature of light, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics,
Schrödinger's cat… and the poetic basis of mind.

Genre Not-so-romantic comedy, with and without a quantum metaphysical twist
Length About 90 minutes (plus an interval, if you want one)
Cast 1 female, 2 male
Audience Grownups. Cats. Paparazzi.

Script Legitimate theatre companies are welcome to contact me for a complimentary assessment copy.
Illegitimate theatre companies should leave a small fee discretely on the nightstand.

cat not in a box

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