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Plays > Rex (2002)

A conspiracy of characters creates a dream (or a play? or a myth?) for Rex: he's a Freud-oriented psychologist married to an older woman. His older female clients dream about his ravishing them. Another client, a much-abused blind boy claiming to be a prophet, dreams that Rex killed his father and married his mother. Rex tries to reason and interpret his way out of the tangle of situations, but it's the characters who have the upper hand in the therapy. Then, as the tragic truth dawns, daylight blinds Rex to the image of himself, leaving an experience but no memory of what has come to pass...

3M, 2F
1 Act, 75 mins approx

The script of Rex is available from the Australian Script Centre ( under the transient title "Waking Blind".

Completed 2002. Currently unproduced.

Optioned for adaptation into a feature film, April 2004

Nominated for the Monte Miller award, 2002 Australian Writer’s Guild Awards, for an unproduced play by an associate member.

Profiled in the Australian Script Centre’s Collection Number 4 (2003).

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