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dsparrowWorks completed in 2008, but possibly exhibited later (or not at all?)

the purpose of a mythology in a journey across infinity the purpose of a mythology in a journey across infinity    atvp flyer atvp flyer
I must be in here some… where I must be in here… some… where atvp flyer
joker in the deck joker in the deck atvp flyer atvp flyer
three little [ready] mades from where three little [ready] mades from where? atvp flyer
road to know where the road to know where atvp flyer atvp flyer
the briefmystery of time the brief mystery of time atvp flyer atvp flyer
untitled 2 untitled 2 atvp flyer atvp flyer
looking at seeing through looking at seeing through atvp flyer atvp flyer
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